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Low back pain

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I guarantee you, once in your life, you have expirienced lower back pain. A lot of the time the cause comes down to an underactive core. The ‘core’ is an umbrella term for every muscle that wraps around the spine and helps it to stay upright, it goes a little bit deeper than just the abdominal muscles on the front.

With a weak core, movements such as lifting heavy objects, especially if done incorrectly, can lead to disc bulging, muscle spasms or hernias. A weak core can also contribute to poor sitting posture which can cause complications such as nerve compression (i.e. sciatia), muscle tightness and pain.

Learn correct movement patterns with functional training. Engage your core correctly and increase your strength and flexibility safely with the pilates reformer. Reduce muscle tension and movement limitations with massage and learn habits and techniques to ease the pain and prevent reccurence with physiotherapy.

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